PhD Programmes

The research doctorate (PhD) represents the highest level of university education and can be accessed after a Masters degree. It has a duration of three years and access is through a competition based on qualifications and titles. It is reserved for a limited number of participants. The title of research doctorate (PhD) is awarded.

Study Path

In order to be admitted to a PhD programme, it is necessary to hold a Masters degree or a qualification
obtained abroad which is recognised as equivalent.
The title of PhD is achieved after a three-year course of study and research which is aimed at training, research, and developing in-depth research methodology in a specific sector and concludes with the preparation of a final thesis (doctoral thesis).
Each university, through its own regulations, determines the establishment of doctoral programmes, the procedures for accessing the programme and obtaining the qualification, the educational objectives and programme of study, the duration, frequency, and methods of awarding the qualification.
PhD programmes can be activated in consortium with other universities. Agreements may also be reached with public and/or private parties for the funding of additional PhD scholarships.


The aim of the PhD is to prepare students for scientific research and to provide the scientific knowledge and
skills required for a university career or a career in advanced public or private research centers.
PhD Programmes - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

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