Student Ombudsman

Prof. Vincenzo Gentile

Tel .: (+39) 064450683/2794


Office Hours:

Wednesday and Thursday from 12.00-1.00

Tel .: (+39) 3389187175


The Student Ombudsman is selected by student representatives. The Dean, after consulting the Faculty Committee, appoints the Student Ombudsman for a term of three years. The Student Ombudsman is available to students to receive complaints, observations, and proposals. The Student Ombudsman has the right to carry out investigations and reports to the Dean who, in relation to the specific case, adopts the acts of competence. Students who consult the Student Ombudsman have the right to anonymity. Upon request, their name and identifying information may be excluded from access rights to administrative documents.

Faculty representatives for disabled students or students with learning disabilities

Prof. Gabriele Cavaggioni

Prof. Valentina Gazzaniga

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