1st Workshop on quantile regression in Rome


About the Workshop

Over the years, quantile regression models have been implemented in a wide range of scientific settings to handle empirical characteristics encountered in real-world data.

The goal of this workshop is to bring researchers together to disseminate and discuss new methodological and new real data applied contributions in quantile and generalized quantile regression methods. This meeting also aims at promoting project collaborations among academics and practitioners, and fostering the development of new research networks in this area.

The Workshop will be held in the Faculty of Economics, Aula Pietro Onida, 3rd floor.


9:15 Registration 

9:30 Workshop opening - Institutional Greetings  (Aula Pietro Onida, 3rd floor) : Giuseppe Ciccarone (Vice Rector of Sapienza Univerity of Rome), Giovanni Di Bartolomeo (Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Sapienza University of Rome), Giorgio Alleva (Head of MEMOTEF Department, Sapienza University of Rome).  

          Morning Session - Chair: Nicola Salvati, University of Pisa

10:00 Gilles Stupfler,  University of Angers, Inference for extremal regression with dependent
heavy-tailed data

10:40 Alessio Farcomeni, Tor Vergata University of Rome, Quantile ratio regression for the study of income

11:20 Coffee break

11:40 Domenico Vistocco, University of Naples Federico II, Dealing with collinearity in quantile regression

12:20 Paolo Frumento, University of Pisa, Quantile regression coefficients modelling

13.00 Lunch

          Afternoon Session - Chair: Nikos Tzavidis - Lea Petrella, Southampton University - Sapienza University of Rome

14:30 Antonio F. Galvao, Michigan State University, Unconditional Quantile Partial Effects via
Conditional Quantile Regression

15:10 Marco Geraci, Sapienza University of Rome,  A brief history of quantile mixed models and
recent developments

15:50 Marc Hallin Université libre de Bruxelles, Nonparametric Measure-Transportation-Based
Multiple-Output Center-Outward Quantile


16:30 Coffee break

16:50 Luca Merlo, European University of Rome, Unified unconditional regression for multivariate
quantiles, M-quantiles and expectiles

17:30 Marco Alfò, Sapienza University of Rome, On finite mixtures of linear quantile regression
models for clustered data

18:10 Closing



Participation to the workshop is free but registration is compulsory.

To register click on button below and fill out the form to confirm your registration.

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To reach the venue of the Workshop you can take the underground line B, get off at the Policlinico stop and walk until Via del Castro Laurenziano, 9


Scientific Committee

Lea Petrella, Sapienza University of Rome
Marco Geraci, Sapienza University of Rome
Nicola Salvati, University of Pisa
Beatrice Foroni, Sapienza University of Rome
Nikos Tzavidis, Southampton University
Luca Merlo, European University of Rome

Organizing Committee

Lea Petrella, Sapienza University of Rome
Nicola Salvati, University of Pisa
Beatrice Foroni, Sapienza University of Rome
Luca Merlo, European University of Rome
Mila Andreani, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa


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The Workshop is organized with the support and the sponsorship of

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