Seminario: 29 Aprile 2015 - Jacob Weisdorf

Mercoledì, 29 Aprile, 2015

Il 29 Aprile 2015 alle ore 14:30 nella Sala Amministrazione del Dipartimento MEMOTEF (4° piano, Facoltà Economica).

Jacob Weisdorf (Southern Denmark University)

terrà un seminario dal titolo:

"Malthus in the bedroom: birth spacing as birth control in historical England"

It is commonly believed that England before the nineteenth century was a natural (i.e. uncontrolled) fertility society. The empirical analysis presented in this paper contests this view. We use duration models on a well-known historical dataset of more than 15,000 families and 60,000 births to show that the sampled families adjusted the timing of their births in accordance with the prevalent economic conditions and also with their stock of dependent children. The effects were larger among the lower socioeconomic ranks. Robust to a variety of specifications, our findings call for a re-interpretation of the demographic behaviour in England.

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