Workshop e Seminari di Storia economica

Martedì, 12 Ottobre, 2021


  • Workshop Festival ASVIS, Sostenibilità e inclusion: I giovani e le sfide attuali (con la partecipazione di TIM e Boston Consulting Group), Aula Fanfani h. 9:30-13:30, 12 Ottobre 2021
  • Francois Velde (Federal Reserve Chicago and Stanford), What Happened to the US Economy During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic? A View Through High-Frequency Data, Aula Fanfani h. 16-17, 28 Ottobre 2021
  • Morten Jerven (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), The Wealth and Poverty of African States: Economic Growth, Living Standards and Taxation in Africa Since the Nineteenth Century, Aula Fanfani h. 15-16, 2 Novembre 2021
  • Nuno Palma (University of Manchester and CEPR), The Value of Political Connections: Evidence from China's Anti-Corruption Campaign (with Marta Alonso and Beatriz Simón Yarza), Aula Master Memotef, h. 15-16, 4 Novembre 2021
  • Internal workshop, Economic history group, Aula Master Memotef h. 15-18, 11 Novembre 2021
  • Nuno Palma (University of Manchester and CEPR), The vagaries of the sea: evidence on the real effects of money from maritime disasters in the Spanish Empire (with Adam Brzezinski, Yao Chen and Felix Ward), Aula Master Memotef h. 15-18, 18 Novembre 2021

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