Public seminar 08 February 2024 - Alessandro Feraldi

Tuesday, 30 January, 2024

Notice of public seminar by Dr. Alessandro Feraldi
pursuant to art. 11, paragraph 1, letter. k) of the Statute for the proposed call a fixed-term researcher RTDA
Scientific Disciplinary Sector SECS-S/04 and SECS-S/05, Competition Sector 13/D3

Following the D.D. prot. 48 of 12 January 2024 with which the documents relating to the selective procedure for the recruitment of n. 1 researcher RTDA SC 13/D3 - SSD SECS-S/04 and SECS-S/05 PNRR PE8 at the Department of Methods and models for economics, territory and finance, we inform you that on 08 February 2024, at 9.30 am, Dr. Alessandro Feraldi will hold the seminar, in the Fanfani Room of the Department, via remote connection, pursuant to art. 11, paragraph 1, letter. k) of the Statute, on the research activity carried out and in progress.

Title: Gender gap in Health and Survival and the Impact of Population Aging on Working Life Expectancy.

Abstract - Curriculum

The seminar can also be followed remotely by accessing the following link:

Rome 30 January 2024

The Director of the Department 
Signed by Prof. Donatella Strangio

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