Public seminar 20 November 2023 - Elena Ambrosetti

Wednesday, 15 November, 2023


Notice of public seminar by Prof. Elena Ambrosetti
pursuant to art. 11, paragraph 1, letter. k) of the Statute for the proposed call to Full Professor
for competition sector 13/D3 Scientific-disciplinary sector SECS-S/04

On the Transparency portal of the “Sapienza” University of Rome website, Rectoral Decree no. 3061 of 13 November 2023 was published approving the documents of the Selection Committee which declared Professor Elena Ambrosetti the winner of the evaluation procedure for a post full professor, pursuant to art. 24 paragraph 5 and 6 of Law 240/2010, for the scientific-disciplinary sector SECS S/04, competition sector 13/D3 - at the Department of Methods and models for economics , territory and finance - Faculty of Economics. We therefore inform you that on 20 November 2023, at 10.30 am, Professor Elena Ambrosetti will hold the seminar, in the Di Fresco Room of the Department, pursuant to art. 11, paragraph 1, letter. k) of the Statute on the research activity carried out and in progress.

Project title: Migration and subjective well-being: European perspectives.

Abstract - Curriculum

The seminar can also be followed remotely by accessing the following link:

Rome 20 November 2023

The Director of the Department
Signed by Prof. Donatella Strangio

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