Public seminar 7 June 2022 - Alberto Giovanni Arcagni

Wednesday, 1 June, 2022

Notice of public seminar by Dr. Alberto Giovanni Arcagni
pursuant to art. 11, paragraph 1, lett. k) of the Statute for the proposal to call an Associate Professor
for the scientific-disciplinary sector SECS S/01, competition sector 13/D1

The resources for the call of Dr. Alberto Giovanni Arcagni, as associate professor at the outcome of the evaluation procedure, pursuant to and in the manner provided for by Article 24 paragraph 5 of Law 240/2010 reserved for RTDB researcher (called tenure track), have been included in the three-year personnel needs planning for the year 2022, approved by the Board of Administration with resolutions 393/2021 and 442/2021, (as communicated by the Strategic Support and Planning Office of 12 May 2021 n° 337 and subsequent note of 21.12.2021 n. 1251).

On the Transparency portal of the site of "Sapienza" University of Rome, the minutes of the Judging Commission of the evaluation procedure for the call to associate professor, pursuant to Article 24 paragraph 5 of Law 240/2010, of Dr. Alberto Giovanni Arcagni have been published for the Competition Sector 13/D1 - SSD SECS-S/01 - at the Department of Methods and Models for Economy, Territory and Finance - Faculty of Economics. Therefore, we inform you that, having achieved a fully positive assessment of the teaching and research activities carried out and deemed suitable to cover the position of associate professor, on 7 June 2022, from 10:00 to 11:00, the Dr. Alberto Giovanni Arcagni will hold the seminar in accordance with art. 11, paragraph 1, lett. k) of the Statute on research activities carried out and in progress.

Seminar title: Inequality, networks and posets

The seminar is a summary of my research activities, in particular the works I’ve realized in the last three years. My research interests are about inequality, network and posets. The first argument is about a model for income distributions whose parameters are strictly related to the scale and the inequality and how to estimate its parameters accordingly to the expectation and an inequality index. The second topic is networks. The most recent article about networks proposes a scoring method of tennis players based on the eigen-centrality. These scores have been used as predictors of winning players in place of the ELO scores. The seminar ends with partially ordered sets (posets). They are useful as approach to describe wellbeing through ordinal variables. Wellbeing has a large complexity and may require to be divided into different domains. Starting from the partial rankings of each domain, the last part of the seminar is about an algorithm proposed for the reduction of such complexity. 

The seminar can also be followed remotely by accessing the following link:

Rome 01/06/2022

The Director of the Department
Signed by Prof. Giorgio Alleva


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