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All information relating to the placement can be found here. The contact person for the faculty of economics is Luisa Nicolai (Tel. 06-49766922, E-mail:

The curricular and extracurricular internship / internship activities are managed by the JobSOUL platform - University Work Orientation System, a database that allows candidates and Italian and foreign companies to apply for internships and placement in the job market.

The curricular internships for obtaining the ECTS, foreseen for further training activities, must be carried out during the studies program, and must be completed before the degree is awarded. They must also be approved in advance by the Chairperson.

The request must reach the president, who will also act as internal tutor, after completing the following form

Curricular internship authorization

For the request to be accepted, students should be sure that the activity to be carried out is in line with the general training objectives of Finass.

At the same time, students must create their own profile on the Jobsoul platform, through which they can select the internship. If the candidate's profile is deemed compliant with the needs of the host institution, the latter accepts the student's self-application and starts the activation procedure, that is the drafting of a training project signed by the external tutor.

The student is required to submit a program containing the following information to the Economics Internship Office:
- detailed description of the internship activity that will be carried out;
- calendar of the activity, with start and end date and indication of the days and times of performance. The activity must include at least 25 hours per credit;
- name, title, and contact details of the external tutor, who has to draft and sign the final report at the end of the internship.

Please note that the activity cannot start without the host company's agreement with Sapienza University of Rome. For the stipulation of the agreement, please contact Luisa Nicolai.

In the case of internships aimed at the master's degree thesis, the procedure remains unchanged, with the difference that, in the latter case, the thesis supervisor must also perform the role of internal tutor.

For useful information to choose a possible internship / curricular internship or for the purpose of a thesis, please send an email to Prof. Barbara Vantaggi.

To help undergraduate students and recent graduates in their career path, Sapienza offers some online appointments. For more information, please refer to the Employability Lab 


Employability Lab - Second edition 

The new edition of “Employability Lab" has been started since September 2021. The project aims to provide graduates with tools useful to face the labor market with greater awareness of their personal qualities, as well as and the external context.

The next meeting is going to take place on March 2, 2022, at 2.30 pm. Further details and the webinar registration form are available here, and in the brochure (in Italian) available in the attachments.


Erasmus+ Traineeship
Students at Sapienza may spend some months abroad to complete their studies through suitable traineeship experiences in public and private organizations in EU.
For the academic year 2020/2021, the submission deadline is September 15, 2021 (2.00 pm).
More information and details are available here 



Job vacancies at Ania 

Ania seeks candidates for data analytics support activities related to financial-insurance regulations and implementation of projects related to the policy advisory activities. 

Further details are available here 


ASUS, Tutored and PoliHub support innovation and present Empow[h]er: Women Entrepreneurship Program.

ASUS, Tutored and PoliHub offer a free path for female students who want to create a startup, even if they don't have clear ideas about what to do yet! There will be nine meetings with practitioners. Deadline for applications: November 20th.

More details available here





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