Math crash courses - Finance and Insurance curricula

We inform students of Finance and Insurance curricula (Italian)  that the Mathematics pre-courses will be held by Prof. Patrì every day, from Monday to Friday, from 4 to 15 September 2023

Attendance at the pre-courses is not compulsory but strongly recommended. 

The lessons will be held in blended mode: in presence in Aula Matematica (Faculty of Economics, first floor) and at a distance via Meet link

The program is available in the attachments (Italian page). 

We further inform that students of Finance and Insurance curricula (Italian) may optionally also follow the microeconomics and macroeconomics pre-courses. 


Crash courses - Financial Risk and Data Analysis curriculum 


The Faculty of Economics offers refreshment courses in Quantitative Methods and Macro and Microeconomics, addressed to all students starting the Master Programs in Finance and Insurance (cv Financial Risk and Data Analysis), Economics, Health Economics.

The preparatory courses are in English and aim to prepare students for profitably attending first-year courses.

The courses will be held both in person and in remote mode. The timetable and the programs are available in the attachment. 

Participation in the pre-courses is strongly recommended, particularly for students without specific training in quantitative and economic subjects. 

Students who cannot attend face-to-face can follow the Crash courses remotely at this link



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