Students’ Linkedin profiles

FINASS graduates are trained to perform the following tasks:
• assessment and management of financial and insurance portfolios;
• implementation of ALM methodologies;
• pricing of structured bonds and derivative financial instruments;
• credit risk and hedging strategies evaluation;
• implementation of actuarial formulae in application of the IAS accounting principles;
• risk capital evaluation from a Basel 3 and Solvency 2 perspective;
• assessment of insurance and reinsurance strategies;
• implementation of quantitative analysis models for enterprise risk management processes;
• implementation of projection models in financial and insurance markets.

The LinkedIn profiles of Students/Graduates/Alumni who are available for internships are the following:

Surname First name LinkedIn address
Abu Abed Shadi Alessandro
Albu Valentina
Ameri Farbod
Arcanà Marco
Balestrini Beatrice
Bottoni Stefano
Bruno Valentina
Buttaro Assunta
Calabrese Veronica
Carlucci Antonio Walter
Caselli Erika
Cazzato Fabio
Chieruzzi Giorgia
Chinzari Massimo
Ciocchetti Francesca
Ciotti Leonardo
Clemente Fabio Massimo
Cosimi Luca
Crollalanza Ginevra
Dattilo Diana
De Antoniis Maria Cristina
De Cesaris Matteo
De Ciantis Antonio
Di Biasio Sara
Di Dio Davide
Di Giosia Ilaria
Di Lascio Antonia
Di Legge Benedetta
Di Sario Fabio
Di Virgilio Dario
Di Vito Stefano
Fabiani Gaia
Fidanza Giuseppe
Finestrini Fabio
Fiore Marco
Foresi Stefano
Galante Paolo Lelio
Gatto Lucia
Ghiani Martina
Giunta Giovanni
Godoroja Vladislav
Iannilli Luigi
Ingrande Serena
Laporta Alessandro Gustavo
Le Fosse Aurelia
Leoni Jacopo
Licito Danilo
Lytvyn Rostyslav
Majorca Cristiano
Marrelli Maurizio
Mattera Anna
Mattioli Priscilla
Mazzurco Francesco
Mecci Alberto
Merlo Luca
Milano Ciriaco
Milo Alessandra
Miniagio Andrea
Munteanu Florentina Alina
Orhanllari Anisa
Palladino Alessio
Parrinello Francesco
Pellegrino Daniele
Pellegrino Lorenzo
Pignatale Francesco Paolo
Proietti Giorgio
Quercioli Mariavittoria
Qystri Edrin
Razzino Alessandro
Retico Daniele
Ricci Fabio
Rizzo Marco
Romano Cristian
Rosati Daniele
Ruggiero Lucy Melania
Salerno Chiara
Sgroi Gino Gabriele
Simoncelli Federica
Sorbera Simone
Sposito Luca
Trovarelli Simone
Verrillo Francesco
Vinokurova Liana
Vittorini Vittorio



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