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Recent publications
Grazian C. and Liseo B. (2014) Approximate Integrated Likelihood via ABC methods. Statistics and Its Interface (to appear).
Rubio F.J. and Liseo B. (2014) On the independence Jeffreys prior for skew-symmetric models . Statistics and Probability Letters, vol. 85; pp.91--97.
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Tancredi, A., Methe, M.A., Marcoux, M., Liseo, B. (2013). Accounting for matching uncertainty in two stage capture-recapture experiments using photographic measurements of natural marks, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, vol. 20 pp.647--665.
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Foschi, F. and Liseo B. (2010) Artificial Continuous Data for Statistical Disclosure Control (Contributi Istat, n.5/2010).
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Liseo, B. Tancredi, A. (2004) Statistical inference for data files that are computer linked - Proceedings of the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling- Firenze Univ. Press pag. 224-228.
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Berger, J.O., Liseo, B. Wolpert, R.L. (1999)  Integrated likelihood methods for eliminating nuisance parameters. (with discussion). Statistical Science, 1-28.

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