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Guagnano Giuseppina

Ritratto di Guagnano Giuseppina
Professore Associato (Associate Professor)
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425 - 4° piano (425 - 4th floor)
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As in the summer session, the autumn session exams will be held in attendance, with the exceptions indicated in the resolutions of 'Senato Accademico' and of 'Giunta di Facoltà'.
All students who fall into these categories and who opt for the 'remote' mode must send the relevant documentation according to the established procedure.

In line with the summer session, the examination will consist solely of an oral test covering the entire teaching programme.
Please note that the results of 'remote' examinations will be validated only after the 'Segreteria didattica' has checked that the requirements have been met.






Orario di Ricevimento: 
Statistica corso base: Mar 11-13
Orario Lezioni: 
STATISTICA CORSO BASE (Scienze aziendali A-D): Lun 16-18 (aula 2); Mar 16-18 (aula 2); Mer 14-16 (aula 2)

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