Other learning activities (AAF)

Other learning activities


Art. 10, para. 5, letter d of Ministerial Decree 270/04 stipulates that Courses of Study must include “.. learning activities designed to enable acquisition of further knowledge of languages, IT, computer, and interpersonal skills, or other skills as may be useful for entering the world of work,  along with learning activities designed to facilitate the range of work choices, by direct experience of the types of work to which the academic qualification may give access, including, in particular, in-work training and orientation as set out in Employment Ministry Decree no. 142 of 25 March 1998.

CFU Recognition/Validation Procedures

Students must send an email to ingegneria_nanotecnologie.lm53@uniroma1.it with following documentation:

a. copy of the CFU-AAF Recognition Form (see attachment below), compiled, signed and dated;

b. copy of the original documentation attesting that they have completed the activities to be recognized. Such activities must have been performed for a minimum of 25 hours in order to be recognized by the President;

c. a detailed report of the activities undertaken.


The deadline for sending the request for recognition of the CFU (credits) is 30 days from the deadline for submission of the graduation application. The application should be completed through the Infostud system. In order to register the academic career are normally required 15 days.

If not able to provide one of the documents listed above, students can substitute them with a self-certification mentioning the date of beginning and of the activities together with a detailed report.

In case of positive evaluation, the CFU recognition will be processed by the didactic office. In case of negative evaluation, students will be notified by email by the same office.

Please note that the documentation must be sent exclusively from the institutional email address (surname.matricola@studenti.uniroma1.it). Requests coming from personal email addresses will be ignored.