Course Catlogue


Courses are taught by teachers of the Department of Human Neuroscience. With reference to the  disciplinary sectors MED 25, MED 26, MED 27, MED 37, MED 39, MED 46, MED 48, BIO / 13, M / PSI-01 and  M / PSI-08, the Department ensures an educational offer characterised by: 

1) Nervous System Disease courses (5 credits), courses on Psychiatry and Psychology in adults and children (4 credits), and various learning activities included in other programmes, including the Masters  Programmes in Medicine and Surgery "A", "B", " C "," D ", and " F "(International Medical School) of the  Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, Pharmacy and Medicine, and Medicine and Psychology (S. Andrea  Hospital) and in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics. Many educational activities are also carried out at the  Department of Psychology in the Masters Programmes in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Psychology  Applied to Health, Work, and Juridical-Forensic Contexts of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, for a  total of 18 credits. 

2) Specialisation Schools: the specialised training activity of the Department consists of four Specialisation  Schools (Neurology, Psychiatry, and Child Neuropsychiatry, each with a 4-year duration, and Neurosurgery  with a 5-year duration). Currently, 67 residents are enrolled in the Neurology Specialisation School, 35  residents are enrolled in the Psychiatry Specialisation School, 40 residents are enrolled in the Child  Neuropsychiatry Specialisation School, and 25 residents are enrolled in the Neurosurgery Specialisation  School.  

3) PhD Programmes in Clinical-Experimental Neurosciences and Psychiatry: the educational offer includes  the following curriculum: (i) Neurophysiology, (ii) Sensorimotor Neuroscience, (iii) Neurorehabilitation, (iv)  Experimental Neurology, (v) Psychiatry, (vi) Otorhinolaryngological diseases, and (vii) Childhood Neurological, Neurodevelopmental, and Psychiatric Disorders. Currently the number of graduate students  (30th, 31st, and 32nd cycle) is 67 (of which there are 33 with a scholarship, 20 without a scholarship, and 14  art. 6). In addition to providing scientific activity preparation, PhD students also participate in the  programme "PhD Schools of Sapienza University of Rome (Fellowships and Admission of Foreign Nationals  Educated Abroad)” where they carry out lectures, seminars, practical training, and tutoring in English for  foreign students. 

4) Health Professions: there are 16 degree programmes, of which 14 are Bachelors Programmes and two are Master Programmes (Physiotherapy; Nursing; Speech Language Therapy; Orthoptics and  Ophthalmological Assistance; Midwifery; Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques; Audiometric Techniques;  Audioprosthetic Techniques; Environmental and Workplace Prevention Techniques, Biomedical Laboratory  Techniques; Neurophysiopathology Techniques; Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques; Childhood Neuro  and Psychomotricity; Occupational Therapy; Health Professions of Technical Sciences (Diagnostic);Health  Professions of Rehabilitation Sciences). There are five course coordinators of the degree programmes in the Health Professions who belong to the department (Giallonardo, Brinciotti, Colonnese, Valente, Fabbrini). 

5) Organisation and development of Advanced Training Courses: Advanced Training Course in  "Electromyography Clinics", Advanced Training Course in "Neurointerventions", Advanced Training Course in "Child Movement Disorders: New Scientific Knowledge and Diagnostic Strategies". 

6) Professional Master Courses

First-level Professional Master Courses: "Coordination and Management Functions for Health, Nursing,  Midwifery, Rehabilitation, and Technical Professionals","Criminology and Strategic Sciences", and  "Posturology". 

Second-level Professional Master Courses: "Psychogeriatrics", "Diagnosis and Integrated Therapy of  Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementia" (Tor Vergata University of Rome and St. Lucia Foundation),  "Criminology, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, and Forensic Psychology", "Psychodiagnostics for Clinical and  Legal-Medical Evaluation, with Basic Legal and Forensic Elements "(interfaculty Professional Master  Course)," Emergency Vascular Neurology "(interuniversity Professional Master Course with the Universities  of Genoa, Pavia, Milan Bicocca, and Messina). 


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