Administrative manager (RAD)


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The Administrative Manager reports hierarchically to the General Manager and is delegated by him to the administrative-accounting management of the Department; by virtue of the spending and organization powers of human resources delegated to him, he adopts all administrative and accounting acts relating to the structure to which he belongs, including the acts that commit La Sapienza to the outside world. The Administrative Manager is also functionally subordinated to the Director of the Department.

The following functions are assigned to the Administrative Manager:

a) elaborates the annual and three-year budget proposal on the basis of the indications of the Department Director;

b) assumes the specific skills and responsibilities indicated in the delegation provision, in addition to what is specified in the Regulations for Administration, Finance and Accounting;

c) participates in the meetings of the Council and the Commission with the role of secretary taking the minutes. In case of temporary impediment of the delegated administrative manager, the General Manager, informed in advance, delegates another unit of technical-administrative staff of the Department of category no lower than D, to perform the functions of minutes secretary of the meetings of the collegial bodies, notifying them to the Director of the Department;

d) takes acts of organization of the work of the staff of the Department dedicated to administrative-accounting support after consulting the Director of the Department;

e) collaborates with the Director of the Department for the activities aimed at the better functioning of the structure, including the organization of courses, seminars, conferences.

f) takes any initiative aimed at improving the administrative and accounting management of the Department.

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