Access and facilities



Some paths have wheelchair access, the main path is covered by gravel, the others are paved. The entire western area of the Garden is sloped (about 40 metres difference in altitude).

The Tropical Greenhouse, a part of the Garden of “Simple” and the Japanese Garden, the French Greenhouse, the Corsini Greenhouse, the Eleven Fountain Staircase, the Rose Garden and part of the Bamboo area are not accessible.

There are Braille tags in the Sensory Garden (the audio guides system is under construction in the whole Botanical Garden).

Only guide dogs for the blind are permitted.

Inside the Garden there is a toilet for disabled people.

Free entrance ticket for visitors with disabilities with their own carers.



It is allowed to eat inside the Garden bearing in mind the historical and scientific value of the museum. Camping and picnics are forbidden.

There is no area equipped to eat. During weekends a coffee bar with sandwiches and ice cream and an area with some tables are opened.

There is a hot and cold drinks and snacks vending machine.

Drinking fountains and toilets are indicated on the map.



There is no cloakroom nor any place for luggage storage. 


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