Orto idroponico urbano all'Orto botanico di Roma

Orto idroponico urbano

The Botanical Garden Museum has its own urban hydroponic garden. Thanks to special cultivation techniques, plants grow in water, without the use of soil, this system allows for excellent plant growth results in very small spaces.

The Garden on display, where 56 plants are being grown in just 2 square meters, is made using only mineral salts dissolved in water , reducing water consumption by more than 80 percent compared to growing in the open ground. 

The Urban Hydroponic Garden project is carried out by the Sapienza Botanical Garden Museum - Department of Environmental Biology, in collaboration with the Institutes as part of the activities to connect with the territory and disseminate scientific culture. The hydroponic module, integrated with solar panels and lamps, can also be used in indoor spaces, such as laboratories of educational institutions that want to add a "botany laboratory" to their teaching resources.

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