The palm trees

It is one of the most important collections, due to the high numbers of taxa cultivated in the open air.
Among the most representative genera: Phoenix, Trachycarpus and Sabal.
Among the rare species: Trachycarpus takil Becc., Brahea edulis H. Wendl. ex S. Wats., Nannorrhops ritchiana (Griff.) Aitch.
There are also Chamaerops humilis L., Washingtonia robusta H. Wendl., Phoenix canariensis Hort. ex Chabaud, Phoenix dactylifera L.
Among the threatened species included in the red lists of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) there are: Jubaea chilensis Baill. (VU, vulnerable), Phoenix theophrasti Greuter (NT, near threatened), Washingtonia filifera (Linden ex Andrè) H. Wendl. (NT, near threatened).


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