Practical Activities


The Botanical Garden offers a variety of educational workshops in which to explore and learn about several naturalistic themes. The activities are open to all types of school and age group.

LASTING TIME: 45 minutes of practical activity + 45 minutes of guided tour of the collections

TICKETS: Check the tickets and price webpage

RESERVATION: Booking is required by filling in the form or by sending an e-mail to, specifying the type of activity. The reservation is free and it will be successful on the receipt of the confirmation by email.


  • THE 5 SENSES (age: 4-10 years)

    Let’s experience the colours, the smell and the tactile properties of plants and let’s draw them

  • EXPLORATION (age: 4-10 years)
    Let’s explore the Botanical Garden, collect plants and observe them in a real laboratory
  • HOW TO REALIZE AN HERBARIUM (age: 4-18 years)
    Let’s learn the rules of botanical nomenclature and create an herbarium
  • OBSERVING LEAVES (age: 6-18 years)

    Let’s look at the shapes and the colours of leaves in the field and in a laboratory (stereomicroscope and optical microscope)

  • OBSERVING FLOWERS (age: 6-18 years)

    Let’s look at flowers in the field and in a laboratory with the stereomicroscope

  • OBSERVING TREES (age: 6-13 years)

    Let’s look at trees in the field (roots, trunk, branches and leaves) and draw their architecture


    Let’s look at the adaptation strategies of the plant organisms to the environment

  • PIGMENTS (age: 6-18 years)

    Let’s look at the colours of leaves, flowers and fruits

  • WHICH PLANT IS THIS? (age: 6-18 years)

    Let’s learn to use analytical keys to determine the plant species

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