On 17th November of 2022, at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) headquarters in Rome, the first prototype fooftop farm has been installed, in collaboration with Sapienza University’s Botanic Garden of Rome, Ecobubble, Slow Food and the Italian Development Cooperation, sponsored by the Italian organic retailer NaturaSì.

The farm consists of triangle-shaped mobile modules made of anti-corrosive steel. An intelligent automatic system will be integrated to guarantee the crops everything they need and to monitor nutrients, pathogens and pollution.

The prototype can be replicated and expanded in order to reduce food shortages in areas characterized by agriculturally limited territories, such as mountains and cities. 

The farm will consist of a wide range of plants, including endangered plants. This will ensure the preservation of agricultural biodiversity, which is essential for food security.

FAO plans to organize tours of the farm as soon as the COVID-19 emergency is contained. 


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