Tiny Forests

Tiny Forests


Through the initiative "Realization of a pilot project on the increase of plant biodiversity related to the implementation of `Tiny Forests` in areas of central and central-southern Italy", the Società Botanica Italiana (SBI) intends to test whether `Tiny forests` can be a realistic approach for the reforestation of urban and peri-urban areas in Mediterranean cities.


SBI has established three "urban micro-forests" in the municipal areas of the cities of Rome and Aversa (CE) and will monitor their degree of adaptation to local conditions and ability to provide ecosystem services. The three intervention areas are located in the Municipality of Rome and the Municipality of Lusciano (CE).


Preparatory work was carried out in three selected plantations to create an ecological framework for the establishment of the "microforest": a team of experts from the Botanical Garden of Sapienza University of Rome examined the local plant community to identify the most suitable species for planting.


The species chosen and used for the reforestation project are in line with the soil characteristics of the planting sites and the Mediterranean Bioclimatic Region. 
A total of 7 tree species and 11 shrub species were used, making a total of 18 different species.



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