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The Department of Planning, Design, and Technology of Architecture was created by merging three major interest areas: design and innovation of processes and products relating to industrial artefacts; research in technological innovation and the implementation of architectural processes; data associated with studies regarding the transformation processes of territories typical of mature industrial societies, in particular the problems of environmental rebalance.

The merger was part of the restructuring programme of Sapienza University implemented after the adoption of the new Statute. The Department is now a very dynamic scientific and didactic unit with 83 members of staff: 65 teachers and researchers work in interrelated scientific and disciplinary sectors, while 18 technical, administrative, and library staff work in Admin, the Library and the three Laboratories: Photomedialab, Factory and Ual.

The Department of Planning, Design and Technology of Architecture has its own administration and organisational set up; it promotes and coordinates the research activities in the following scientific disciplines:
• Design as an inspirational centre of culture, science and experimentation influencing the educational curricula and research associated with the design of material and immaterial artefacts. This is achieved by innovating design methodologies and practices, studying the evolution of styles (including from a historiographic point of view), examining changes in technology, science, society, economics, the environment, and the influence these changes have on the construction of an artificial environment.

• Technology of Architecture focusing on the definition and experimentation of theories, methods, and technical and operational tools to innovate, change, and transform the built environment; promoting the technological culture of design, capable of managing the entire construction process with a view to achieving quality and the social, economic and environmental sustainability of new buildings, as well as the revitalisation and redevelopment of existing building heritage.

• Town Planning and Territorial Management to identify and test the theoretical, methodological and operational components governing urban and territorial policies, planning and design in order to achieve general and public interest objectives, as well as accomplish and maintain high quality standards in natural areas and in existing or future urbanised environments. These goals will be reached by verifying the dynamics of socio-economic transformation and the interaction and participation of private and public bodies.

• Planning, design, and management of processes regarding the protection, enhancement and transformation of the environmental and anthropic elements of the landscape and their relationships, safeguarding all levels of biodiversity.

• Environmental Technical Physics focusing on specific topics such as energy in territorial policies, the building-plant system, the quality of the outdoor and indoor environment, and acoustics and lighting technology.

This sector also promotes and coordinates the teaching activities of courses for which it is responsible, either in toto or pro quota.

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