Monday, July 23, 2018

The Masterplan, in the framework of the initiative of the PDTA Department "Building Public Space. Between History, Culture and Nature", proposes a strategy to build a system of public spaces and make sure that all public “spaces” can become “places”, thanks to a clear morphological, functional, social identity.
For this purpose, the Masterplan tests the project disciplines and offers the territory a basis for discussion on an urban area - Tevere and Valle delle Accademie - which is part of the historic city and is characterized by a significant presence of natural capital components and cultural heritage.
The Masterplan identifies six strategic objectives: redefine a sustainable mobility system; reconnect the river with the city; reconstruct the continuity of public space; recover the cross-use of the neighborhood; rediscover the identity of the different urban pattern; reconnect the new potential aggregation areas with those proposed by the 2008 PRG.
The Masterplan is structured in guiding ideas that have its strengths in the functional redesign of the tram network, in the hierarchy of road transport and in the networking of cycle and pedestrian paths. On this basis identifies a series of territorial figures: the Linear Park of the Tiber, the Promenade of culture and sport, the Urban Axis of Via Flaminia, the Green Axis of sustainable mobility of Viale Tiziano, the Green Spina and finally the Valle delle Accademie.

Ideazione e cura scientifica: Giovanna Bianchi, Antonella Galassi, Carlo Valorani, Eliana Cangelli
Team: Chiara Amato, Gianni Denaro, Francesca Romana Luciani, Martina Nobili, Francesca Rossi, Lavinia Tommasoli

Il Masterplan è disponibile al seguente link:

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