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Elenco ammessi alla prova orale dottorato PDTA XXXI ciclo


Coordinator: Prof. Fabrizio Tucci
Info (+39) 06 367749083
Location: via Flaminia 70, 00196 Roma
The Doctorate in URBAN PLANNING, DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE TECHNOLOGY pursues communal scientific and training goals, aiming at the integration of different disciplinary contributions; it identifies cross research areas and offers a training plan articulated in educational activities, cultural initiatives, the supervision of doctoral scholars and highly integrated assessment procedures, while recognizing, from time to time, the prevalence of a single disciplinary field which might be necessary for carrying out high quality research activities for public and private entities and in professional activities.

The PhD Program aims to train researchers with a strong critical capability in theoretical and applied research, both at national and international level, with expertise in:
- multidimensional reading, interpretation and evaluation of the dynamics of physical and functional transformations of the city, territory, landscape and architecture;
- the definition, based on interdisciplinary cooperation, of design methods appropriate to the different variations and the various scales of the project, as well as their assessment criteria,
- techniques for delineating urban, territorial, landscape and strategic planning, regulatory institutions, pathways for the activation of effective practices, transformation/conservation qualities of the city, territory, landscape and environment,
- the definition of new design approaches leading to eco-efficient layouts, physical-spatial-material configurations and products, with the awareness that the process of evolution of the inhabited space should be based on the combination of technological innovation and environmental quality,
- criteria for the new concepts of the urban environment, the architecture space, the design product and the technological characters, as open systems supporting exchanges of matter, energy and information, which holds the concept of eco-efficiency as the basis of a systemic approach to the design and development of products with low environmental impacts, high energy efficiency and better bioclimatic quality.

In this context, research on design, by investigating the complex relationship between artifice and nature, establishes new ways of keeping the environmental balance between identifying and defining methods and tools for the direction and control of the design process of human settlement, for the definition and shaping of landscape, for the control of environmental architecture design and his technological systems, for the evolution of concept dynamics of the design products.


The PhD Programme in Territorial and Urban Planning was set up in 1988. The programme focuses on all aspects of the management of urban and territorial development. The programme includes theoretical, critical and practical topics and approaches. Scientific research concentrates on understanding and analysing territorial and urban structures and their dynamic development, as well as the techniques to promote, define and regulate future developments in projects, programs, and policies, and management processes.
Coordinator:  prof. Giovanna Bianchi
Info (+39) 06 367749083
Location:  via Flaminia 70, 00196 Roma


In Italy the PhD in Environmental Design is offered only at 'La Sapienza' University of Rome as part of its scientific courses. Its long-standing history of excellence focuses on training researchers competent in the field of environmental problems associated with architectural technology. Its scientific-oriented studies include specific issues to help establish the tools and procedures related to policy-making, planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and dismantling of environmental transformation interventions.
The scope of the PhD is to train Doctors of Philosophy as experts in all the multifaceted issues related to the environment.
Coordinator:  prof. Eliana Cangelli
Info (+39) 06 367749083
Location: via Flaminia 70, 00196 Roma

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