Second Level Master



Green Building / Architectural and Urban Requalification / Green Blue Infrastructure 


Director: prof. Luciano Cupelloni


Places Available: 40


Info: luciano.cupelloni@uniroma1.it




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mastersapienzaetd/


The aim of the Master course is to provide advanced professional training on issues concerning the Environmental Technological Design, with reference to three key areas: new buildings / Green Building; existing buildings / Architectural and Urban Requalification; urban open spaces / Green Blue Infrastructure. 

In addition to the cultural and scientific study of criteria, methods and instruments aimed at sustainability in architecture, the Master addresses the challenges of conscious design starting with the specificities of Nature-based Solutions, advanced environmental certification protocols such as leed, well and living building challenge, industrial wooden constructions, and innovative plant systems based on the integration of renewable energy sources. Operating within the BIM framework and the application of simulation methodologies, in terms of technical and economic feasibility and performance assessment. Laboratories and workshops integrate lectures, conferences and internships at research institutions and design firms. Among which: ENEA, CNR, EURAC, HABITECH and MIBACT, as well as leading international and domestic design firms. The Master programme includes also internships of 320 hours at leading companies active in green materials and components, employing qualified professionals.


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