Luigi Piccinato Archive

The Luigi Piccinato Archive (ALP) is a compendium of the work performed by Luigi Piccinato over a period of fifty years, from 1924 to 1983.

After Piccinato died on July 29, 1983 his daughters Stefania and Paola Piccinato bequeathed the “Luigi Piccinato Donation” to the Department of Territorial and Urban Planning (PDTA).

The collection contains: graphic tables and drawings; documents; slides, negatives, photographic prints and plates, and 50 albums of drawings and photographs. It also includes approximately 2,000 catalogued books as well as numerous issues of magazines still to be catalogued. The latter are currently housed in the conference hall of the Department.

The renovation programme, proposed by the PDTA past Director, Prof. Lucio Carbonara, was implemented in 2004 in collaboration with the Lazio Superintendency of Archives.

Since the programme is rather complex and involves the reorganisation, cataloguing, and digitalisation of the ALP material, consultation is limited and is subject to a detailed and well-motivated  application to the ALP, after checking  the availability ofmaterials required for viewing.

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