This section provides information about the degree programmes organised by the Department.

The Department proposes five Degree Programmes, divided into the following scientific-disciplinary areas:


Bachelor Degrees

  • Design | Language: Italian | Class: L-4
  • Gestione del Processo Edilizio – Project Management | Language: Italian | Class: L-23


Master Degrees

  • Architettura – Rigenerazione Urbana / Architecture – Urban Regeneration | Language: Italian and English | Class: LM-4
  • Design, Comunicazione Visiva e Multimediale / Design, Multimedia and Visual Communication | Language: Italian and English | Class: LM-12
  • Product and Service Design | Language: English | Class: LM-12

The following postgraduate courses complete the educational offer of the Department:


Research Doctorate

This is the third level of study to which it is possible to have access after the Master's degree; it lasts 3 years and access is through a competition for qualifications and exams.


Master’s Programmes

Study programmes for scientific specialization and high-level permanent and recurrent training; designed for students, but also for professionals who feel the need to upgrade their skills. Access requires the possession of a bachelor's degree (1st level master's degree) or a master's degree (2nd level master's degree), as well as an "old system" degree.


School of Advanced Studies

School with a specific critical and professional training character. Access requires the possession of a specialist or master's degree, as provided for by the Statute of the School.

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