Welcome to the site of the PhD program in "Sensorineural Plasticity", coordinated by Prof. Maurizio Barbara.

Last call and annex for students applying for Ph.D. (session year 2018-19).

Sensitive, motor, sensorial and cognitive stimuli, through the interaction with the environment, play a role for defining the neural "circuits" after birth. These modifications are generically called neural plasticity, and include biochemical and structural modifications of neurons, and neurogenesis.

Genetic, pharmacological and environmental factors may modulate this plasticity, through continuous modifications. The knowledge and the eventual exploitation of these mechanisms represent a clinical opportunity in the field of pharmacology, genetics, neuropsychiatry, neuroradiology, pediatry, and motor and cognitive rehabilitation.

Although more remarkable during childhood, plasticity regards the entire individual lifespan. The topic involves several important social health issues, including the neurodegenerative processes related to focal neurological symptoms or sensorial impairment, and will be studied by integrating knowledge and expertise of different disciplines.

The main objective of the PLANS Ph.D. will consist in providing high level teaching and scientific activity focusing on neuroplasticity, as impacting neurophysiology, neuropathophysiology and general clinical practice, pediatry, psychiatry, neurology and sensory organs. The central and founding element of this Ph.D. program will therefore be the integration of knowledge and competences in the aforementioned areas. The training process will furthermore entail the opportunity for every individual Ph.D. student to interact with research and clinical units both in Italy and abroad. This will turn useful in enriching the project on the theoretical, methodological, and operational levels.

The Ph.D. Programme is in the Department of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Sensory Organs (NESMOS), "Sant'Andrea" University Hospital, Rome, via di Grottarossa 1035-1037.


COORDINATOR: Prof. Maurizio Barbara
SECRETARY: Dr. Franco Necci
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