Admission Requirements


Applicants must possess a high school diploma or equivalent academic qualification obtained abroad and authenticated by an Italian Consulate or Embassy.

Moreover, applicants must perform the ENGLISH TOLC-I online test. It means that applicants have to attend the ENGLISH TOLC-I online test, but they are not required to pass it to enroll to the course. For any information on sessions and dates of ENGLISH TOLC-I online tests, please link to

The CISIA Online Test (TOLC) is an orientation tool which assesses entry abilities and is available on a computerized platform and managed by the Consortium of Inter-University Integrated Access Systems (CISIA). It is an individual test, different for each student and consists of questions that are automatically and randomly selected from the CISIA TOLC database by a software developed and managed by CISIA.

All generated TOLCs of the same type are of the same level of difficulty. The test aims to verify if the predisposition and basic skills of the candidates are adequate in order to successfully begin a course of study in Engineering. TOLC-I consists of 50 questions (20 maths, 10 reasoning, 10 science, 10 verbal comprehension), and total duration is 1 hour 45 minutes. Tests also include an English section consisting of 30 questions (for this section, students have the benefit of 15 minutes of additional test time).

The result of each TOLC-I test, excluding the English Language test, depends on the number of correct, wrong and not given answers that determine an absolute score, deriving from: 1 point for each correct answer; 0 points for each answer not given; -0.25 points for each wrong answer.

For the English Language test there is no penalty for the wrong answers and the score is determined by the assignment of 1 point for the correct answers and by 0 points for the wrong answers/unanswered questions. The TOLC-I test can be performed at any University as long as it is part of CISIA.

The calendar for TOLC-I sessions that are scheduled at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering is published in the call for applications for enrolment to the 2019-20 academic Year. The tests can be found at the relative pages on the website TOLC tests can be repeated once a month to obtain a result equal to or higher than the minimum threshold requested and thus avoid the assignment of additional educational obligations (OFA).

There are some exemptions from the TOLC-I test for students already enrolled in certain degree courses at the Sapienza University of Rome or from other Universities who are part of CISIA.

Students who have not obtained the minimum score required for TOLC-I test must complete the additional educational obligations (OFA). The results of the English section do not affect the assessment thresholds. Additional educational obligations are fulfilled by passing the appropriate test organised by Sapienza and repeated on several dates starting from November 2019. Students will not be entitled to sit exams of the Study course before completion of the additional educational obligation.

The first available dates for english TOLC will be published on