Check out the official university page Tuition fees (click on "fees for students with income abroad") for detailed and updated information. For the academic year 2017/18, the official announcement will be made in July, but it is not expected to change with respect to the previous year. Numbers from the previous academic year are reported below.

Tuition fees

For Italian students, tuition fees depend on ISEE.For international students, tuition fees can be calculated based on ISEE. If ISEE is not declared, tuition fees are fixed to 1000 EUR/year or 500 EUR/year (for students coming from developing countries). 

Regional tax

All students must pay the regional tax, which is 140 EUR/year. 

Other fees

Some other fees may occur, such as (but not limited to): enrollment fee (30 EUR/year), graduation fee (75 EUR), extension fees in cases studying in not completed within 3 regular years. Beware that the programme duration is 3 years, whereas the fees above are expressed per year.