Off campus access by FLYER

A simpler and faster way to use the electronic resources is the FLYER (Fast Login to Your Electronic Resources) bookmarklet.

Add the FLYER bookmarklet to your browser and access the contents subscribed by Sapienza directly from the page of the resource of interest.

To acitivate this feature (just once):

  • drag this FLYER button to the favourites bar;
  • while visiting the page of the electronic resource of your interest (e.g.:, click on the FLYER button in the favourites bar and enter your credentials (istitutional e-mail and password).


Isn't the favorites bar active?

  • On Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer: press CTRL+MAIUSCOLO+B.
  • On Firefox: right-click on the top right corner of the mouse on the symbol ☰ and select "Bookmark bar".
  • Su Safari (MacOS): digitare SHITF+CMD+B.

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