DREAM project

The DREAM project (Data Recording Entry Alternative Multi-script) is a reserach project funded by Sapienza University of Rome As the National Bibliographic Service catalogue (SBN) does not yet manage data in non-Latin scripts, the aim of DREAM is to offer researchers a catalogue searchable through original scripts (such as Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, etc.). The need arises from the fact that the catalogue of the National Bibliographic Service (SBN) does not accept bibliographic data in non-Latin scripts, forcing the cataloguer to transliterate the data, a poor solution for researchers who do not expect to deal with transliterated data or who are not aware of the rules governing transliteration. The objectives of the DREAM project are

  • implementation of a catalogue in non-Latin scripts
  • involvement of other Italian partners in the project
  • creation of an ad hoc workflow for the cataloguer
  • development of the supporting software infrastructure.

The DREAM project will be the topic of a presentation at the International Conference Bibliographic control in the digital ecosystem (8-21 February 2021). The abstract, the paper (on the right menu) and the video (YouTube) are available. Interested? Questions? Email us.

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