The Sapienza libraries

Sapienza offers 48 libraries located in the main campus (Città universitaria) and in other branches. Some buildings house more than one library. The map containing the list of libraries, email, telephone numbers and opening hours is available at the page Biblioteche Sapienza.

All Sapienza students have the right to access all Sapienza libraries regardless of their faculty/course of enrollment and to use their services within the limits of current regulations. 

Currently, to access Sapienza libraries you must have a booking for a seat or an appointment for a borrowing/consultation.

From the Libraries page through the "Filter by areas" function, libraries belonging to a disciplinary area are displayed. 

The Biblioteca Alessandrina is not one of the Sapienza libraries, it has its own catalog and its own management. All information for access, consultation and borrowing is available on the institutional website of the library (in Italian).

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