Home access to electronic resources

All users, institutional and external, can access electronic resources using a device connected to the university network (by cable or wi-fi). Users provided with an institutional e-mail address, Unitelma users and Sapienza Foundation members can also access electronic resources from home.

To access electronic resources from home you must have an institutional e-mail address. There are three ways to access electronic resources from home and they are described on the page Access outside the Sapienza network.

Since November 2020 the VPN service has been discontinued.  It is now possible to consult electronic resources using the services provided by the Sapienza Library System. All information is available on the Off campus access to electronic resources webpage.

At the moment it is possible to access almost all the subscribed electronic resources. The only exception is the InfoLeges database, which can only be accessed from devices directly connected to the university network. There are also a number of electronic resources that can only be consulted from the computers available in the Sapienza library that has a subscription.

The credentials for accessing electronic resources from home are the same as those for institutional e-mail. You should check that you have typed your e-mail address or password correctly. For information on institutional email, see the E-mail webpage.

Only the electronic resources available to the entire Sapienza community can be accessed from home. If you want a resource subscribed to by an individual library to be included among those accessible from home, please contact your library for the required technical and contractual issues.

Yes, there are. Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully before using the electronic resources of the Sapienza libraries.

This message appears when you have downloaded a large amount of data in a short period of time when accessing electronic resources from home. You can continue browsing but you will have to wait about two hours before you can download again.

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