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Claudia Cavicchi, Università di Bologna
Claudia Cavicchi has  16 years’ experience as  an academic hospital librarian at “F.B.Bianchi “ Clinical Library at University of Bologna.
Her activity areas are information literacies and scholarly information practices, citation management  and  bibliometric education and services for academic and hospital researchers.
F.B.Bianchi Clinical Library support to researchers.
In recent years, bibliometric analyses have become important to academic researchers because University administrators often use quantitative methods to determine what impact their research has had.
Applications, promotions, fund distribution partly depend on bibliometric indicators such as impact factor, h index, citation counts, commonly obtainable searching in scholarly databases. Lately these academic evaluation procedures (ASN, VRA, VQR) has become increasingly complicated, asking researchers a specific knowledge traditionally owned by librarians.
At University of Bologna Bianchi Clinical Library staff supports academic and hospital researchers offering its expertise with scholarly databases, in bibliometric analysis and available resources and tools to enhance their research impact.
In addition, the staff has developed tools and services in order to facilitate the communication and the spread of information between the library and the academic community, such as web pages, web forms, presentations and tutorials”

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