Medical libraries - Dainese

Lisa Dainese, Università di Padova
Current position: she is a librarian at Pinali Medical Library, University of Padova since 2005. Her main activities are coordination and management of training courses and development of instructional material mainly on Pubmed database and Refworks citation manager; she supports reference work and is part of the bibliographic search service. Her experience as a librarian began at the Library of Psychology, University of Padova (1995-2005) where she was a serials librarian, she held training courses and did bibliographic search on PsychInfo. She had previous experience as a translator, copy editor and editor in the medical field (1982-1984; 1993-95) and in the coordination of editorial activity for a pharmaceutical company (1984-1993).
User education at Pinali medical Library in Padova: a hard-won path
User training in the medical area became an urgent need when the role of libraries and librarian changed dramatically with the spread of digital resources. Pinali medical library started a groundwork at Padova University which was prompted by the free availability of one of the main sources of medical information: Pubmed. It was a groundbreaking activity in many ways: Pubmed training labs were held in two 4-hour sessions and were mainly addressed to medical pratictioners who were taking their first steps in a bibliographic database. The training model has changed a lot in the recent years, starting from the duration of the training sessions, the recipients of the training, the addition of new modules, and the adaptation of the training to different medical areas. It has not been an easy task and a lot remains to be done to meet the information needs of our users as well as their awareness of their needs.


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