Medical libraries - Scotti

Valeria Scotti, University of Pavia
I graduated in Political Sciences at University of Pavia; since 2009 I work as a Medical Librarian at the Center for Scientific Documentation of IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo Foundation, an important teaching and hospital in Northern Italy. In these years I lectured in several courses on bibliometric indicators and on various subjects on health information. I first met the term “Altmetrics” five years ago, while I was studying usage statistics and Bibliometrics indicators as a method to evaluate both subscriptions journals and scientific production. It has been “Love at the first sight”.  In  August 2015, I became a member of the Altmetrics Ambassador team. At the same time I have become part of EAHIL council as an Italian representative. During the EAHIL workshop held in Seville last year along with another colleagues, we founded a sub group dedicated to the study of bibliometrics and alternative metrics.
The impact of Altmetrics on researchers and on librarian’s professional life
The problem of measuring the scientific and social impact of research publications has been of extreme interest to scientists and scholars since the inception of modern science, but it has always been hard to answer.  Bibliometrics and Altmetrics are increasingly on the agenda in a scientific library. In an era of rationalization of resources, these parameters become a valuable ally in decision taking. The term Altmetrics takes its place alongside well-known terms as H-index or Impact Factor (IF); understanding and learning these new indices opens the way to a progressively web 2.0 oriented library, able to interact with social networks and a wider society

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