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Aerospower (Aerospace Power) is a laboratory of electronics mainly committed to investigate and produce power systems for aerospace vehicles. Advanced and original solutions are developed for applications in launchers, spacecrafts, rovers, and aircraft. The research and development activities are carried out at different levels:

1) System

2) Subsystem

3) Circuit

1) The activities at a system level are intended to develop leading-edge configurations for generation and management of on-board power in specific missions and particular types of vehicle.

Recent noteworthy applications include: space tug, rover for moon exploration, spacecraft with electric propulsion for the inner Solar System, propulsion by electro-dynamic tether.

2) Subsystems are developed for on-board power management and distribution. Recent achievements comprise: solar Arrays and complete power conversion management units per rovers, micro- and nano- satellite as well as hybrid power sources for pulsed loads in launchers and power units for aircrafts. Systems for wireless power transfer are investigated too.

3) At a circuit level the activities are intended to study leading-edge design techniques for power converters, for their controllers as well as for protection devices, suitable for the typical harsh requirements in terms of reliability, efficiency, lightness and compactness, as well as for electro magnetic compatibility.


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