Applications a.a. 2020 2021

Thursday, 6 February, 2020

Applications for academic year 2020-2021


Students holding a master’s degree or a 5-year degree in any engineering discipline can apply to the Special Master of Aerospace Engineering.


Applicants holding a master’s degree or a 5-year degree in the area of aerospace engineering will be enrolled directly as second-year students.

Applicants are strongly recommended to send their application as soon as possible so as to have, in case of admittance, enough time to plan the organizational and administrative aspects of their visa and of their stay in Rome.

Applications must be sent to by June 15th 2020 for non-EU residents and by November 1st 2020 for EU resident. 

The application must include:

a) copy of passport

b) M1 application form (available for download as doc or pdf ; see attachment in this page)
c) official university diploma or a temporary certificate
d) curriculum vitae
e) any other title (e.g. stages, working or academic experience) useful to the evaluation of the student skills.

The Board of the School of Aerospace Engineering will evaluate the application and, if eligible, the student will receive the admission letter by e-mail.

Students who have not yet completed their course of study but expect to complete it by August 1st 2020 can apply to the Special Master program by supplying an official document from their university confirming the expected graduation date. This document will only be a temporary substitute for the official copy of the final diploma.

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