Applications academic year 2023-2024

Wednesday, 31 May, 2023

Applications to the Special Master in Aerospace Engineering for academic year 2023-2024


The Special Master in Aerospace Engineering is intended to provide an in-depth knowledge about the complex disciplines of astronautics.

The admission is reserved to students holding a master’s degree or a 5-year degree in any engineering discipline [a statement of comparability, showing that the degree allows to the admission at 3rd level studies (like PhD courses) in the country where the degree has been obtained, will  be requested as part of the enrolment process].

Applicants holding a master’s degree or a 5-year degree in the area of aerospace engineering will be enrolled directly as second-year students.


Applicants are strongly recommended to prepare their application as soon as possible so to have, in case of admittance, enough time to plan the organizational and administrative aspects of their visa and of their stay in Rome. Applications should be sent at the earliest convenience, starting June 2023, to in order to be sure that they will be processed before the start of the courses in the second half of Sepetmber. Admission is still possible after lectures begin: even in such a case, perspective students are requested to begin the application process as soon as posisble so that enrollment could be completed before the final cut-off date for fees payment defined by Sapienza for the academic year.

The application must include:

a) copy of passport

b) M1 application form (available for download as doc or pdf ; see attachment in this page)

c) an official university diploma or a temporary certificate*

d) a short curriculum vitae

e) any other title (e.g. stages, working or academic experience) useful to the evaluation of the student skills.

The Board of the School of Aerospace Engineering will evaluate the application and, if eligible, the student will receive a pre-acceptance letter by e-mail.

*Students who have not yet completed their course of study but expect to complete it by September 30th, 2023 can apply to the Special Master program by supplying an official document from their university confirming the expected graduation date. This document will only be a temporary substitute for the official copy of the final diploma.


After receiving the pre-acceptance letter the student needs to obtain from CIMEA the Statement of Comparability (paid service) for her/his degree. CIMEA ( CIMEA - Academic Equivalence Mobility Information Center) is the agency cooperating with Sapienza to assess the value of foreign titles with respect to Italian academic rules. This Statement of Comparability document should clearly state that the gained academic qualification allows access in the issuing country to further university studies at the third cycle.

In addition, according to the specific case:


Non-EU residents

- please start immediately the process for the student Visa. As the Special Master in Aerospace Engineering is not yet included in the Universitaly webiste, the visa process should be carried out through the Italian Embassy/Consulate (in some cases, throught an agency which is the offical partner of the Italian consulate for the visa applications). The pre-acceptance letter is intended to support the process. Due to possible limitations in visa number, the process should be started as soon as possible.


EU residents

- please check current rules for long term study staying in Italy



Finally, the CIMEA Statement of Comparability, the original degree diploma, a copy of the passport and (for non European Union residents) a copy of the visa need to be presented or provided by e-mail to the Sapienza Specialisation Schools Unit, responsible for the administrative enrolment (in case of e-mail, the address is , with in cc:), clearly specifying that you are looking for the Special Master Course in Aerospace Engineering at the School, code 28400.

On the basis of a careful check of these documents the Unit will definitely accept your application. The Sapienza student office will provide you (or will enable you to download) the payment slip for the first instalment of the tuition fee. The enrolment is finalized with the payment of the first instalment.

The annual tuition fee is expected to be around 1400 euros. The fee can be paid in two installments; the first installment must be paid at the time of the enrolment (September - December 2023). The second installment will have to be paid by March 2024. Tuition fee covers courses, exams, access to laboratories, libraries, and other facilities. Students will cover by themselves all other expenses related to their participation in the program, notably accommodation, food, transportation, expenses associated with securing a visa, medical/health insurance.


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