Saturday, 25 September, 2021

Lectures for the new academic year 2021/22 start on Monday September 27th. You can download from the link on the right of this page the provisional schedule of the classes of the first period (from September to December, with possible extension until mid-January for some courses).


Students, having their GreenPass available, are welcome to join the classes in via Salaria 851. Sapienza Università di Roma proudly promotes in person teaching. Students not yet having their GreenPass, or unable to obtain it, and workers could still follow lectures in streaming. You can find on the right of this page the list of GoogleMeet links for the first week of lectures. Later, links for each specific course will be made available by the corresponding instructors. 


To make easier the choice among different courses, and taking into account the rules reported in the "Curriculum 2021-2022" bullet of the Teaching menu, you can find at the right of this page a link to a document reporting the topics of different disciplines (this document should be considered as a living one as it is going to be updated with more recent information).

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