Final exam

The final exam consists in defending an experimental or theoretical thesis. The thesis is executed under the supervision of an instructor of the Special Master program, possibly in collaboration with research centers and industries.
Passing the final exam corresponds to earning 24 credits.
Only students that have completed their entire coursework can take the final exam.

The Jury for the final exam is composed by professors and experts of the aerospace engineering disciplines.

The final mark, traditionally expressed in fractions of 110, is computed starting from the weighted average of all the exams (weights are given by the credits associated to each course) to be multiplied times 3/11. Additional marks, typically in the range from 0 to 6, are assigned by the Jury evaluating the quality of the dissertation and its presentation by the student. Honors can be added to the maximum mark of 110/110 in case all Jury’s members agree about.

The schedule of the final exams foreseen along the academic year is available among th news at the homepage of the School website, along with the requested deadlines to be admitted in.

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