Nanostaellite Electronics Lab

Nanosatellite Electronics lab

Nanosatellite Electronics Lab

The Nanosatellites Electronics Lab includes several facilities for the design, fabrication and test of analog, digital and mixed signal electronic circuits. The equipment includes a soldering workstation with ESD protection, two HP6624-A quad 40W output, low ripple, low noise power supplies with GPIB interface, one HP6632-A single 100W output, low ripple, low noise power supply with GPIB interface, an Agilent 33120A 15MHz function/waveform signal generator, an Agilent E4400B 250KHz – 1GHz signal generator, an Agilent 8712ET RF vector network analyzer, a Philips PM3350 50MHz, 100MS/s scope, a HP1631D Logic Analyzer (16 timing ch. 100MS/s, 2 analog ch. 50MHz, 200MS/s, two ESD protected desks and three personal computers.


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