Credits: 9

Part I - Space based acquisition systems.
Fundamentals of remote sensing: Interaction of the electromagnetic radiation with the Earth atmosphere - Radiative Transfer Equation - Estimate of the surface temperature - General Split Window Technique, Atmospheric sounding. Tutorials: Software PclnWin and PCModWin. Sensors: Electro-optical sensors. Microwave systems (active and passive), Lidar. The calibration techniques. Sensors simulation tools. Tutorials: GCI Toolkit. Orbits for remote sensing: The properties of the orbits for remote sensing, constellations of satellites for remote sensing.
Part II - Methods for image processing.
Atmospheric correction and radiometric correction.  Image enhancement (HSV, Wavelet). Methods of change detection (MAD, PCA). Segmentation techniques and classification (supervised, unsupervised, NN, SVM). Geo-referencing techniques and image registration (Cov, Mutual Information, contours, etc.). Objects Classification (mathematical morphology). Implementation of algorithms for image processing. Extracting information from images.

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