Credits: 9

Learning objectives
Fundamentals of calorimetry, postulate and equation of Fourier, main conduction parameters. Radiative heat transfer: laws of Planck, Wien, Stefann-Boltzmann, Lambert. Characterization of the space environment from a thermal point of view. The main radiative sources: the Sun, the Earth, the Albedo. Thermal modelization of the spacecraft. Thermal balance equations. Propulsion effects of the radiation: the solar sail.
General introduction to the interaction problems in space; historical review. Weak and full interaction and related description.  One–way static and dynamic coupling, key parameters governing the phenomenon; examples. Two-ways static and dynamic coupling; integrated modelization of the space systems; examples. Thermal flutter and divergence; numerical approach to the solution. Review of some remarkable occurrences of thermally induced disturbances onboard of satellites; physical and mathematical description.

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