The Department brings together extensive scientific and didactic skills in a systematic, consistent whole. The competences include: Romance Philology and Linguistics; Italian Literature and Linguistics; Foreign, European and Anglo-American Languages and Literatures – all studies covering a broad time span, from the Middle Ages to the present age – ; Gender Studies; Geography; Anthropology; Economic Studies. All the competences develop along interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives.
The project that stands at the basis of the Department reflects our awareness of being both Italian and European. This awareness grew in the decades of the long, challenging process of the unification of Europe; nowadays, thanks to the recent entry in the EU of central-eastern countries of Europe, we have become conscious of the existence of a common identity and a common civilization unifying the West and the East, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Urals, though displaying a varied range of local and national peculiarities, and requiring to take into consideration those countries that have not entered the EU yet. The new Europe extends far beyond the Atlantic Ocean and spots its own cultural and historical roots in the different linguistic and socio-cultural communities of America, where they have merged with the native background. This new Europe also meets other cultures –  i.e. the cultures of the ex-colonial African and Asian countries and the cultures of the developing Far Eastern countries –, to which it has contributed and by which it has been stimulated and enhanced in the course of time. All the more so now, given the steadily increasing flow of immigrants from Central-Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America of the past two decades, which has changed Italy into a multicultural and multiethnic country, thus aligning it with other pioneering European countries. Interculturality is thus a hallmark of the Department from the point of view of both scientific research and teaching methodologies. The Department has established as a target to bring together Italian students and mobile foreign students and, in particular, immigrants or children of immigrants who choose to enroll on our courses. By reason of the principles of the founding project, of its constituent elements, and of the history and the prestige of the two Departments that joined to create it, the Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies forms a scientific and educational community, apt to stand as a landmark for both education and research in our Institution, on the local and national level, in Europe and in the world.

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