Iniziativa CIVIS dell’Università di Stoccolma. È aperta a tutti, compreso il personale docente e amministrativo, con l’obiettivo di favorire il dialogo nelle diverse lingue e il contatto fra tutte le Università della rete

What is a language cafe?

At a Language Cafe session, you practise your language skills and cultural awareness by talking to native-level speakers and other learners over a cup of coffee or tea. Språkstudion's language cafes are run by students on a volunteer basis, with no formal language teachers present. Cafe sessions allow you to practise a language you want to improve at in a relaxed environment, regardless of your current level.

The language cafes are currently on winter break, and will start up again on January 31st, 2022 with a new schedule. If you'd like to get notified when the schedule is published and the cafes start, please sign up using our registration form.

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