Audio/Visual Romans: Women Speak Up!

It is the third conference is the series concerning Audio/Visual Romans to be held in the city of Rome. The project explores the imaginative power of modern audio/visual media to shape our perception of the past. For consumers across the globe, it is often in A/V media that they find their most personal and seemingly authentic experience of ancient Rome.
The conference in May 2022 concerns the women of the Roman world.
It is often through A/V media and literature that the women of the Roman world gain the centrality, the agency and the voice often denied them in the distant past. Yet, when Roman women gain this opportunity, what do they do and say? This conference explores how the women of Roman antiquity are empowered or demeaned by the audio/visual media of modernity and to what ideological, aesthetic and/or commercial ends. Papers will analyse representation of the women of ancient Rome in literature and in media such as cinema, television, computer games, dramatic performances, and online technologies.
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For students: Participation in the whole event gives the right to 2/3 CFU of AAF. There will be a separate registration for the audio-description workshop (in English) on Friday 6th May, since the number of available places is limited.

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