LATILMA - Latin American Testimonies in Italy: a Living Library Between the Mediterranean and the Andes

Project Number: 101067991
Project Acronym: LATILMA
Project title: Latin American Testimonies in Italy: a Living Library Between the Mediterranean and the Andes.
Starting date: 01/09/2022 – 31/08/2024
Duration in months: 24
Call (part) identifier: HORIZON-MSCA-2021-PF-01
Topic: HORIZON-MSCA-2021-PF-01-01
Fixed EC Keywords:
- Comparative literature
- Cultural studies, cultural diversity
- General literature studies
- Globalisation, migration, interethnic relations
- Women and gender studies
Free keywords: Hispanic American Literature; Gender Studies; Migration; Testimony
P.I. Elena Ritondale

The aim of the project "Latin American Testimonies in Italy: A Living Library
Between the Mediterranean and the Andes" is the collection, analysis, and
dissemination of testimonies of Latin American migration to Italy during the
last thirty years. The study will be carried out from a gender perspective, to
underline cultural and literary aspects related to migration and determined
by migrants' intersectional conditions.
In addition, particular attention will be paid to testimonies by people from
the Andean area, given their importance in Italy. The collection of "migrant
memories" from a gender perspective will take place both in Italy and in the
area of origin of the Andean migrant communities, thus wanting to
reconstruct the narrative of a to-and-fro migration. The project wishes to
underline the creation of an image of the migratory experience that also
involves places of departure, families, and that, in this way, tells the cultural
impact of migration both on the places of origin and on those of arrival,
overcoming a vision of migration as a linear and one-way process, on the
one hand, and also overcoming old concepts such as those of “center” and
“periphery” at a cultural level.
In the second part of the project, the collected testimonies will be published
as an online, multimedia, and open access anthology. It will include an
introduction written by the Researcher and by two authors selected from

among those who created the included works, to recognize the subjectivity
and authorship of the protagonists of the testimonies. The multimedia
anthology will be made available, among others, to Language and
Translation students of the European, American, and Intercultural Studies of
the Sapienza University of Rome, so that they can create translation
laboratories starting from it, thus completing this testimonial, choral and
shared work.

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